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Fried mortadella and cheese sticks

Delicious nibbles made of mortadella and cheese.

Fried mortadella and cheese sticks
11 oz mortadella ( or bologna sausage )
14 oz emmental cheese ( or any soft cheese )
2 eggs
frying oil

To make the mortadella and cheese sticks, start by dipping 8 wooden sticks in the water for 10 minutes (to prevent them from burning during the frying). In the meanwhile, cut the mortadella in little cubes of half an inch. Remove the cheese crust and cut it into little cubes of half an inch.

Drain the sticks and skewer the prepared mozzarella and cheese cubes, alternating them. Soak the sticks in the beaten eggs and then in the breadcrumbs.

Heat abundant oil in a pan and fry the sticks until they turn crispy and browned. Let dry the sticks on absorbent paper, season with salt and serve the fried mozzarella and cheese sticks.

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