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Mushroom​ tramezzini

A great appetizer to impress your guests with a few simple moves: here's how to make triangles with mushrooms

Mushroom​ tramezzini
7/8 cup champignon mushrooms
marjoram ( 3 tufts )
1/2 cup pecorino ( fresh )
thyme ( 2 tufts )
6 slices toast bread
1/2 leek
2 tbsp oil
salt ( to taste )
peppet ( to taste )
butter ( to taste )

How to prepare mushroom triangles 1/

Start making the mushroom triangles recipe by buttering 8 slices of toast bread on one side only.

How to prepare mushroom triangles 2/

​Fry in a non-stick pan 2 tablespoons of oil, half a leek, a clove of chopped garlic, 3 sprigs of marjoram, and 2 sprigs of thyme; then add 200 g of sliced mushrooms, salt, and pepper and sauté over high heat for 10 minutes.

How to prepare mushroom triangles 3/

Remove the mushroom mixture from the heat and spread it over 4 slices of bread, unbuttered side down.

How to prepare mushroom triangles 4/

Sprinkle with freshly grated pecorino cheese, cover with the remaining bread, leaving the buttered side out, and cut the sandwiches in half diagonally, creating triangles.

How to cook the mushroom triangles 1/

Spread 8 slices of mushroom in a non-stick pan and lay the triangles on top.

How to cook the mushroom triangles 2/

Using a spatula, lightly crush the mushroom triangles and let them brown about 3 minutes on each side.

How to cook the mushroom triangles 3/

Serve the mushroom triangles immediately, very hot, if desired with a garnish of salad cut into strips.

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