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The classic Italian polenta with cheese

A rustic recipe with a strong flavor, traditional of northern Italy: the polenta!

The classic Italian polenta with cheese
12 oz coenmeal
3 oz butter
6 oz fontina cheese ( or gouda, provolone, or emmental cheese )
6 oz toma cheese ( or muenster or pecorino cheese )
1 tbsp salt
6 1/4 cups water
milk ( to taste )

Polenta is a soft and creamy northern Italian dish, made of cornmeal. Polenta is amazing when combined with cheeses, cold cuts, and grilled or stewed meat, This recipe is an easy variant that combines the cheeses' taste to the polenta, butter, and milk tastes. Polenta with cheese is not light! Is suitable for a rich main dish, to be enjoyed on a rigid winter day: polenta warms you up, satisfying your palate! Polenta is a convivial dish, perfect to be consumed in the mountains, with family or friends. Wear the apron and cook with us the polenta with cheese!

Prepare the cheeses

Remove the crust from the cheeses using a knife; then cut into little cubes the cheeses.

Make the polenta

Fill with water a pot with a thick bottom or a copper pot; put the pot on the heat and wait until the water starts boiling. Add a tablespoon of salt and pour the cornmeal, little by little, whisking, avoiding the formation of lumps. After pouring all the flour, continue whisking for 45-50 minutes on low heat until you notice that starts forming a thin crust on the sides of the pot. During the cooking, if the polenta is too dense, add some warm milk, to reach the desired consistency.

Add the cheeses

When the polenta is ready, add to the pot the butter and the cheeses and carefully mix, until the ingredients will completely melt. Remove the pot from the heat, distribute it into small bowls and serve it warm.

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