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Trieste broth

Trieste broth
12 Paddles
Black papper
White polenta
1 Sprig of parsley
1 cup Decilitres white wine
3 oz Tomato sauce
1 Clove garlic
13 oz Clams
(1 kilogram) Mixed fish
Oil for frying
(3-4 tbsp) Olive oil Xtravergine

From a poor dish, cooked on board by fishermen with less valuable fish, the broth has become a preparation appreciated by even the most refined palates. To try ...

Preparation of the Trieste broth: Start to prepare the recipe for the Trieste broth by soaking in cold water and salt the clams. Soak them for 6-8 hours, changing the water several times, so that they drain completely. In the meantime, rinse the canoes and fish (San Pietro, sea bass, mullet, gobies, hen, toad's tail) and eliminate the heads.

Cut the fillets into small slices and flour, lightly shake to remove excess flour. Fry in plenty of oil for 2-3 minutes. Drain and let drain on some paper towels.

Drain the clams and place them in a pan over high heat to open them. Drain from the cooking liquid and filter it with a fine-mesh strainer.

​Take a pan of earthenware in which to cook the Trieste broth and brown a clove of crushed garlic with 3-4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. After a couple of minutes remove the garlic and add the tomato sauce.

How to cook and serve the Trieste broth: Combine the fried fish in the pan, starting with the bigger fish. Pour in the wine and the filtered liquid, adding a little at a time and a pinch of pepper. Continue cooking for 20 minutes.

​Finally, add the clams and let them season for 3-4 minutes. Complete the dish with a sprinkling of chopped parsley and a dash of pepper. Serve the brodetto alla triestina with slices of polenta hot.

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