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Turkey stuffed with chestnuts

This is an ancient Italian recipe, popular in the holidays. Sometimes the chopped nuts replace the sausages and the chestnuts in the stuffing.

Turkey stuffed with chestnuts
6.5 pounds turkey ( 3 kg )
7 oz chestnuts ( 200 g )
7 oz sausages ( 200 g )
1 bread
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 dry white wine
butter ( to taste )
extra virgin olive oil ( to taste )
salt ( to taste )
pepper ( to taste )

Buy the turkey

Buy a turkey of more or less 6.5 pounds. Ask the butcher to bone the chest of the turkey, remove the neck bones, and ask to clean the liver too.

Mix the ingredients

Soften the slice of bread in the milk. Roast the chestnuts, shuck and peel them. Cut the liver into pieces and roast them with little butter. Remove the liver from the heat, add the softened crumbled bread, the chopped chestnuts, the peeled sausages, the eggs, the wine, salt, and pepper. Mix all the ingredients and fill ¾ of the turkey's chest with the mixture. Bend the neck's skin to the back, and seal it with kitchen string.

Cook the turkey

Season the turkey with salt and place it in a casserole pot with a drizzle of oil, a knob of butter, and a glass of water; cover the pot and cook on low heat for an hour. Then remove the lid and let the turkey roast evenly; wet it with its sauce, until the skin gets brown. Let it rest for 5 minutes and then serve the sliced turkey with some boiled caramel chestnuts.

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