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Venice cod

Second appetizing, it is usually accompanied with white polenta, softer and more delicate than yellow and therefore perfect to collect the creamy sauce of cod.

How to prepare the Venice cod. To start the recipe of the Venice cod first wash and take off the fish-bones anchovies; chop the parsley with garlic. Slice the onions thin, put them in a pan with half a glass of oil, and fry until they are softened. Add the anchovies and melt them, stirring with a wooden spoon; finally, add the chopped parsley.

Drain well a stock-fish "spider" already wet, remove it to remove any scales, open it on the side of the belly, and put it on a cutting board with the open side upwards; remove carefully all the remaining thorns. Salt a little, pepper, and sprinkle with a thin layer of flour and cheese.

Spread on the two fillets of stock-fish the mixture of onions and anchovies forming two strips in the center of each, then roll the fish starting from one of the two long sides; close well the filling inside but not too tight, otherwise the pulp could flake.

Bind the roll obtained in several points with single bindings, leaving between one and the other a space of about 2 ounces, then slice it with a knife, preferably serrated (to have more "grip" on the slippery pulp of the fish); when cutting, try to keep the ligature in the middle of each slice.

How to cook the Venice cod. Transfer the slices in an earthenware saucepan, placing them very close to each other (if necessary, press them slightly so that they are all without overlapping). Pour over the salt cod slices first oil, then milk in equal quantity, until completely covered.

Put the saucepan on low heat, with a spreader under it; cover and cook for about 4 hours. During all the time the boiling must remain barely perceptible; every now and then shake the pan without mixing.

Before removing the preparation from the heat, taste and salt rule. You can also serve the Venice cod as an appetizer, on toasted bread croutons, and rub with half a clove of garlic.

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