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chicken wings

Chicken wings , once little appreciated by Italians (traditionally part of oriental and American cuisine), have been rediscovered because they are very cheap. They start from the breast and can weigh in all from 50 to 100 g, including bones and skin: they are usually sold coupled, sometimes together with the neck, but the most meaty chicken wings can also be bought individually.

The waste percentage of chicken wings is however very high and the edible part (made up of muscle) does not exceed 40-50%, even if they are excellent to "munch" whole. Especially fried in the American style , with sauces to taste. If, on the other hand, you want to clean them, you have to remove the skin and, with a sharp knife, the final part of the wings, devoid of meat.

Chicken wings are also very tasty marinated in a spicy sauce, as is used in Texmex cooking. For those who love the most local flavors, the skinned wings wrapped in bacon can be stewed with a little white wine or passed on the grill; or even use to make a mixed broth.

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