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Anchovies: great properties

Anchovies: great properties

Rich in good fats and precious minerals, anchovies are healthy for adults and children. Let's explore its extraordinary nutritional qualities together.

Tasty, irresistible and with a thousand faces in the kitchen.

They are anchovies, queens of the sea, belonging to the family of the infamous blue fish, constantly promoted as one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet for its beneficial characteristics for our health.

Valentina Bolli, dietician, illustrates their properties well, adding some gastronomic ideas that aim to preserve shape and health.

Small fish = less risk of metals

“Anchovies represent one of the most suitable types of fish in terms of nutrition. First of all because they are small fish and for this reason less risky due to the metal content, which the big fish often tend to absorb for their life cycle ".

Excellent content of good fats, or omega 3s

Secondly, they have a significant amount of good fats, in particular the omega 3, essential for our body.

“Anchovies have 2.6 grams of fat out of 100 grams total, but with an excellent percentage of omega 3, or good fats. This type of fatty acids is beneficial for increasing good cholesterol and thus contributing to circulatory and cardiovascular well-being. At the same time they are not even that caloric (96 / hecto, for example, salmon which has 185 for example).

Good supply of iron and potassium

Minerals also play their part.

“Anchovies contain a good amount of iron (2.8 mg per 100), which is, moreover, as with all foods of animal origin, much more available than vegetable ones. Iron is important for oxygenating the tissues, counteracting inflammatory phenomena and maintaining the proper functioning of the organism. Without neglecting the potassium content (278 mg / 100), essential for mineral balance and muscle contraction ".

Beneficial for the nervous system

Finally, such as gorgonzola, they are rich in niacin.

“The niacin content, equal to 14 mg / 100, is one of the highest ever.

Niacin is a vitamin of the B3 group which helps to keep the nervous system healthy, allow cellular respiration, promote circulation and fight free radicals, responsible for cellular aging ".

Also suitable for children but not recommended in the presence of gout

The great thing about anchovies is that they are suitable for anyone (excluding gout sufferers due to the high intake of purines which can lead to an accumulation of uric acid), including children. They have a low cost and above all they are easy to clean: they have a single central bone that can be easily removed

At the stove? You can indulge yourself!

In the kitchen they lend themselves to different types of preparation.

“They should always be consumed after cooking, otherwise they can be dangerous for the known and feared parasite of raw fish, the Ankasis. They are perfect for example in a pan, with a little parsley, garlic and oil, because they remain light and very digestible. They go very well with pasta, even with a little breadcrumbs that slightly dampens the strong taste. Or they are very tasty, seasoned with garlic, accompanied by a toasted bread. In Liguria, for example, there is the bagnun d'accughe which is a well known traditional soup, made with anchovies, tomato, garlic and oil, served with slices of bread or crackers ".

Finally, another alternative is to prepare them in the oven, perhaps stuffed, tasty and always more dietary than the fried version.

“The ideal portion is 150 gr. for a woman and 200/220 for a man ".

As long as you don't let yourself be taken by the throat!

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