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Annona cherimola. It is shaped like a heart, covered with a pale green scaly skin that turns black when ripe. The pulp is white, sweet and creamy and contains large seeds. It is eaten raw, preferably frozen or served with fruit salads and ice cream. The pulp is blended for sorbets or coulis.

Annona muricata. It has sharp protuberances; the pulp is fibrous, which is why it is preferably used for juices and sorbets. Already in ancient times it was used against scurvy, while the infused tree leaves are a pain reliever.

Annona scalosa. Native to tropical America, it was exported to Asia and Africa. Its small, green heart-shaped fruits are reminiscent of pine cones. The pulp is creamy white, has a grainy texture. The flavor resembles that of cinnamon.

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