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Apple is a very common fruit in Italy and throughout Europe. There are many varieties, most of which belong to the 'Delicious' group. Among these we mention the «Red», the «Golden» and the «Rome Beauty». The difference within this group consists above all in the color of the skin, which for the "Red" is red with or without yellowish streaks, for the "Golden" it is intense yellow, and for the "Rome Beauty" it is intense red.

Among the other varieties we will mention: the « Renetta », a large and flattened fruit with yellow skin and a slightly rough appearance, its pulp is acidulous, aromatic and particularly suitable for sweet preparations; the «Jonathan», a large and flattened fruit, with yellow-green skin, red streaks and a tender and juicy pulp; the «Granny Smith», green on the outside and white on the inside with an acidulous pulp; finally the «Stayman» with green-yellow skin, red streaks and a low-sugar pulp.

Apples are now a fruit without a season; while they were once available between autumn and winter, today they are present on the market all year round, thanks also to imports. Excellent to be consumed as a fresh fruit (it is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, vitamins and fiber), apple also lends itself to being cooked (on the stove and in the oven), and is widely used in pastry for cakes, pancakes, strudels, soufflés, charlotte and crêpes.

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