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Artichoke water: don't throw it away!

Artichoke water: don't throw it away!

Boiling artichokes has a portentous side effect: it gives us a detox broth or herbal tea with excellent properties.

In California, and not just in California, they even sell it in a bottle, like a cranberry juice or a detox iced tea. It is the so-called artichoke water , a perfect purifying herbal tea. But the cooking water of artichokes can also be used as a broth-base for other preparations.

Of course, the beneficial properties lie in the artichoke itself: this beautiful clawed vegetable is a real "scavenger" , which cleans our body of toxins and purifies the blood of "bad" cholesterol. The organ that owes it most is the liver : it has a strong hepatoprotective property and promotes the synthesis and secretion of bile.

Not only that: it is a powerful antioxidant, it is very rich in mineral salts and contains various essential vitamins, counteracts the loss of appetite, promotes digestion and has excellent diuretic qualities , thus counteracting water retention and thus promoting weight loss.

There is a small "but": as often happens, many of these advantages go away with the cooking of the vegetable . Don't worry, the remedy is simple: just make good use of its cooking water. It is an excellent drink, not only from the point of view of health, but also from that of taste.

Artichoke water can be drunk during the meal, like a real consommé . Hot. In this case, the artichokes can be boiled in water - better to put them in cold water - and add a pinch of organic cube. And then consume the artichokes on the side, even simply seasoned with a good oil.This broth can also be the basis for cooking other dishes, such as soups and risottos .

For an even more purifying effect, artichoke water can be drunk, "straight", between meals. Even at room temperature it can be fine, to consume the drink - which will become more and more blue (see glass on the right in the photo) during the day. Remember: the medicinal properties are in the leaves , which as you go from the heart outwards become more bitter. So the more you dare with the hard leaves, the more benefits you will have.

Artichoke water can also be seasoned and enriched with other detox ingredients , for example fennel seeds. Or ginger, lemon, mint ...

Broth or herbal tea that you want to make, the artichoke water, with its intense green and slightly tannin flavor, once it begins to appreciate, can have priority over the vegetable itself! How to say: sometimes two artichokes are boiled just to be able to drink the water ...

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