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Exotic fruit, originally from Central America, today also cultivated in the Mediterranean areas. The avocado has smooth or wrinkled skin, it can be green or purple, depending on the variety of the fruit. The pulp is pale green near the skin and fades to white-yellow towards the central part where there is a large stone. Among the fruits, it is the one that has the highest fat content: about 30%. The average weight of an avocado is around 11 ounces.

The most readily available variety on the Italian market is the 'Fuerte' (from the Mediterranean), pear-shaped, with a smooth green skin, which is on the market between November and February. To enjoy a good avocado it is essential that the fruit is at the right point of ripeness (otherwise it is almost devoid of flavor): this is verified by pressing the peel which must give way slightly under the fingers.

Once cut, the avocado quickly tends to blacken; for this reason, it should be immediately sprinkled with lemon juice . Due to its delicate flavor, avocado goes well with both salty foods (it is particularly used for shellfish or chicken cocktails and paired with cheeses) and with sweet ones (in fruit salads or as an ingredient in Bavarian cream, puddings and creams).

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