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Braising is a term that indicates the type of cooking of food in a hermetically sealed container with a modest amount of liquid. The latter and the steam that forms in the container allow slow cooking through which all the flavor of the food is enhanced. Braising comes from embers and dates back to the times when people used to cook over the fireplace, placing the pot tightly closed on the embers and adding embers on the lid.

Braising involves a base of sautéed in which the food is seasoned and then the addition of wine or broth and tomato. The meat should be larded so that it acquires more tenderness. The ideal pot for braising is the heavy one made of cast iron, but you can also replace it with an earthenware or stainless steel saucepan with a thick bottom. The important thing is that the container is slightly larger than the volume of the food to be cooked so that it is in close contact with the vegetables in the sauce and well immersed in the cooking liquid.

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