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Brandy is a word of English origin that qualifies a wine brandy, aged for at least one year. Until 1948, in Italy, this type of product was called Cognac, but after that date, the term Cognac was attributed exclusively to French wine distillates from Charente, the region where the homonymous city is located. Brandy is the shortened form of "brand wine", derived in turn from the Dutch term "brande wijn" which means burnt wine, or distilled wine, and which corresponds to our brandy.

Brandy is prepared with a blend of medium-good quality grapes and aged exclusively in oak barrels (from Slavonia and Limousin); when it passes into the bottle, aging stops naturally. It should be drunk in a large and bellied glass, the balloon, which is held in the hands to warm it and thus favor the development of all its aroma.

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