Brie is a famous French cheese that seems to date back to the time of Charlemagne. There are documents that prove his existence as early as 1217, but the pinnacle of fame reached it in 1815 when it was served by the politicians of the Vienna congress who unanimously elected it "king of cheeses of Europe". The cheese, made with cow's milk, has a particularly creamy texture (especially in the "heart") enclosed by a white crust, which is in turn covered by a very thin mold. There are three famous types of Brie which bear the name of the places they come from: "Brie de Meaux", with shapes of about 14 inches in diameter and slightly nutty flavor, "Brie de Melun", with a smaller diameter and with a taste more flavorful, and «Brie de Coulommiers», delicate and with a sweet almond flavor. The thickness of the forms is about 1 inch.

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