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Butter is a product obtained essentially from cow's milk cream unless otherwise specified which must however be indicated on the package. Its origins date back to 400 BC to the times of the Scythians, who, however, prepared it with mare's milk. The Latin word "butyron", from which butter could derive, was however invented only a hundred years later by Hippocrates.

Over the millennia this food had alternating events (it was loved and despised); industrial production began only in 1800 and today butter is one of the most used fats in cooking . A good butter must have a uniform color and no internal cavities that would make it easily alterable. The color must be an intense ivory white and the smell fresh and pure. During cooking, it must not emit too much water or form too much foam. Well sealed in its package, the butter can be kept in the fridge for up to three to four weeks.

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