Caciucco is a famous Tuscan fish soup , whose paternity is disputed between Livorno and Viareggio. The name derives from the Turkish «kukut» which means minutaglia , or «set of small fish». Like almost all fish soups, this too was born as a poor dish , prepared by fishermen with fish of little value and of little commercial value. And, like all other soups, cacciucco also requires some qualities of fish: redfish, gurnard capone, conger eel, dogfish, cuttlefish, mantis shrimp; plus other types to taste. A spicy touch to the soup is given by the chili pepper (which the Leghorns call ginger, but which has nothing to do with real ginger). There is also a lot of garlic , which prevails over other vegetables (such as onion, carrot and celery); then, red wine, a little vinegar and tomatoes are essential.

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