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Caco is the name of a tropical plant and its fruit, belonging to the Ebenaceae family. The botanical term is "Diospyros kaki" that is divine nourishment (from the Greek "dios", divine, and "pyrós", nourishment). Persimmon has been cultivated in China and Japan since ancient times, while in Europe it only arrived at the beginning of the 19th century. The plant has leathery leaves of an intense green and very fleshy that fall in winter, when the fruits ripen. Persimmon is green at first, then slowly turns yellow and finally an intense orange-red. The wood of the tree is very precious and provides precious material for cabinet making.

There are two great varieties of persimmon . The first grows in the northern regions and the fruits, with firm pulp , are picked in autumn; but once detached from the plant, they need a period of rest and maturation in order to be consumed. Then there are the persimmons that grow in the southern regions where the climate favors an early ripening (at the end of August) that allows you to harvest the fruits ready to eat. Persimmons are mainly eaten as fresh fruit : remove the stalk and extract the internal pulp with a teaspoon or you can peel firmer pulp fruits, slice them and serve them sprinkled with sugar and liqueur.

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