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Caciocavallo is a cheese of southern origin, today also produced in Northern Italy. It has the shape of a large pear, more or less rounded, which narrows into a narrowing surmounted by a small rounded head. Its weight is around two kilos. But why does it have this name? Because once the forms were tied two by two and placed astride a pole from which they remained hung for the entire period of seasoning or smoking. But there is also another version: it seems, in fact, that it derives from the Turkish «qasqawal» , the name of an almost similar cheese, typical of that country.

Caciocavallo is made with raw pasta spun and put in brine, then it can also be smoked . With its hard and paraffin crust, it can also be kept for a long time, before being cut: however, it must be remembered that, as it matures, it accentuates its flavor and therefore becomes more spicy. The slightly seasoned caciocavallo, on the other hand, can also be grated and is used in many regional preparations.

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