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The squid is a cephalopod mollusc (ie with the head attached to the feet) that lives in the coastal areas on the so-called marine "prairies", that is, in the midst of algae. It has eight "arms" with 2 rows of suckers each and 2 long retractable tentacles. The body is slender and elongated and has two rhomboidal fins which, starting from the apex, reach almost the middle of the sac. The skin is pinkish-white , with a more evident red-brown dot on the fins. The length can vary from 20 to 50 cm.

Inside the pouch there is a cartilaginous support, thin and transparent, in the shape of a "feather" of a bird and of a fairly elastic consistency. This must always be removed before cooking, together with the blister of the so-called "ink" that is inside the bag, the entrails, the eyes and the beak that are located in the middle of the head. The squid, although narrower, is very often confused with the squid , but its meat is more prized and tender.

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