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The capon is a rooster that, while still young, is castrated and stripped of the crest. It is then slaughtered around six months of age, when it has reached 2 kilos in weight. After castration the capon is placed in a special cage called "capponaia" and abundantly fed. And here, also due to the scarce movement that is allowed, the capon quickly gets fat and its flesh acquires a delicate flavor and great softness; moreover, due to the supply of fat, its skin becomes more yellow and sustained.

Its production is more abundant during the Christmas period because it is precisely on the occasion of these holidays that the capon appears, by ancient tradition, in the menu of large lunches. It is excellent boiled just like the tradition of Emilia-Romagna dictates, and in its excellent broth it is used to cook cappelletti or tortellini, but it is just as good stuffed and roasted. At the time of purchase it is necessary to observe some characteristics that distinguish freshness and quality.

The capon must have bright and not sunken eyes, the tongue of a beautiful scarlet color, the skin taut, translucent, without bluish marks along the neck or on the abdomen; as for the smell, this must be mild.

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