Chateaubriand is a French term that indicates a slice of meat about 3-4 cm high obtained from the central part of the beef fillet.

There are two versions on the origin of this name: one claims that the preparation was created by Montmirail, chef of Chateaubriand and famous French writer of the early nineteenth century; while according to the second version the name derives from the meat of a particular cattle that was bred around the city of Chateaubriant in the Loire area.

Chateaubriand normally weighs around 350g and is enough for 2 people. This type of meat is usually grilled or stir-fried and served with a hot emulsified sauce such as béarnaise or Dutch.

Here's an easy way to dress up your chicken breasts and make them special enough for a dinner party. This combination is from Emilia Romagna, where both Parma ham and Parmesan are made. You can substitute veal for the chicken if you prefer

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