Blackberry cherry

The black cherry is also known as moretta , due to its almost blackish skin. Of medium-small size, with a long peduncle, the black cherry is a variety that stands out for its soft consistency and gustatory virtues: fragrant dark red pulp , very juicy and very sweet, which distinguishes it from corns, also with pulp dark, but more consistent and less sugary.

Due to its characteristics and thin skin, the blackberry cherry is also very digestible and very suitable, in addition to fresh consumption, for the preparation of jams and sweets. The territory of choice of the blackberry is in Emilia Romagna.

The orchards are concentrated mostly in the Modenese area and in particular in the Vignola area, where the blackberry, emblem of the city, ripens in the first ten days of June and is harvested by hand at the right point of ripeness (unlike other fruits, the cherries do not continue maturation after harvest).

Here's an easy way to dress up your chicken breasts and make them special enough for a dinner party. This combination is from Emilia Romagna, where both Parma ham and Parmesan are made. You can substitute veal for the chicken if you prefer

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