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Borettana onion

This type of onion takes its name from Boretto (Reggio Emilia), its territory of origin. It is a variety of onion unmistakable for its flattened shape , with a straw-colored skin. The smallest are sought after by the pickle industry, the largest are intended for fresh consumption, as they are or peeled and sold in trays.

The production of the borettana onion (about 20 thousand tons) is concentrated in the Lower Po Valley, especially in the Parma area. Small crops, mostly destined for industry, also exist in the Veronese area. Harvesting is done in summer, so the Borettane intended for fresh consumption are stored at 0 ° in cold stores and marketed until April of the following year.

In Emilia Romagna, traditionally, borettane onions are the ideal accompaniment for cured meats, as well as for main courses.

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