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Cocoa + coffee = concentration

The combination of coffee and cocoa in a hot drink relieves the sense of fatigue, increases attention and does not increase anxiety.

Mocaccino unforgivable gluttony? Not at all: according to a recent scientific study, combining coffee and cocoa would be the ideal choice to combat fatigue and be able to focus on things to do.

Not only that: the fascinating combination would also help fight anxiety . Scientists from the University of Georgia and Clarckson, USA, have in fact explored the effects of a series of drinks on " attention, motivation to complete cognitive tasks and feelings of anxiety, energy and fatigue".

The study, which lasted nearly a year and then published in the scientific journal BMC Nutrition, had volunteers test different drink combinations repeatedly. “It was a really fun study - said lead author, Ali Boolani - Cocoa increases cerebral blood flow, which increases attention and cognition. Caffeine alone can increase anxiety . This project found that cocoa lowers the anxiety-enhancing effects of caffeine - a good reason to drink mocaccini! ".

The combination of cocoa and coffee is particularly suitable for students , and for anyone who wants to increase their concentration skills . A nice cup of hot chocolate can significantly reduce errors associated with loss of attention, and a caffeine supplement can increase those effects without increasing the anxiety that is associated with consuming caffeine alone.

Mocaccini, mocha coffee and any combination of hot drink based on coffee and cocoa are therefore perfect to spur us on in our days, to the delight of the multitudes of followers of both prodigious ingredients.

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