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The rib is one of the finest cuts of the adult bovine , of the hind quarter, obtained from the loin, that is the back of the animal. It can be on the bone or without: when it is boneless it is also called sirloin. The steak, tastier than the fillet because it is infiltrated with fat even if a little less tender, is generally 2 to 4 cm thick and weighs 2-4 ounces, enough for 2 people.

It is the ideal cut for grilling and on the barbecue , where it should only be seared on both sides, so that the outside “caramelizes” slightly and the inside remains rare. The rib is also excellent as sliced, in thick and oblique slices. To appreciate all the flavor of the steak, it can be served plain, with salt and pepper perhaps flavored, but it is often accompanied by sauces

The prized breeds of the rib

The finest ribs are those ofthe Chianina breed , that is, of cattle coming exclusively from the Val di Chiana, in Tuscany.

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