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Cucumber, cellulite away

Cucumber is a valuable ally when we want to get rid of water retention and cellulite. Diuretic par excellence, we can also learn to make it digestible for everyone.

“A cucumber a day keeps cellulite away" could be the new saying. In the summer we have many allies to keep us beautiful and fit: the tomato , which makes our skin smooth and tames our hair; peaches , which give the complexion, purify and help maintain a healthy weight; apricots , real antioxidant bombs and so on, up to the humble cucumber, which many of us look at by twisting our nostrils a little. Well, it is a powerful ally, for diet and detox (a bit like the summer colleague of the winter artichoke ). Cucumber health, super food for our health!

Let's start with an observation: the cucumber - which boasts only 12/16 kcal! - it is made up of 95/96% water . And its leading beneficial characteristic is linked to water: the fruit of this herbaceous plant ( Cucumis sativus ) is a moisturizing food that helps fight water retention , and therefore the formation of cellulite, and consuming it regularly is really a way concrete to prevent the formation of excess fluids.

The diuretic and purifying properties of cucumber, guaranteed precisely by the strong presence of water and mineral salts, ensure that its consumption helps to expel it from our body toxins and waste substances that would otherwise stagnate there. Cucumber contributes to the happiness of the kidneys, because it lowers the levels of uric acid (whose removal they are responsible for) destined to accumulate otherwise in the joints, causing pain, swelling and inflammation. Water & fibers clean the intestines and the belly deflates (very precious even in case of swelling from menstruation).

Cucumber is refreshing also in an Ayurvedic sense , that is, it is part of vegetables (as well as green leafy ones, broccoli, asparagus) and more general food known to help fight heat and toxins (among the aromatic herbs we remember mint and coriander, among the cereals the white rice basmati, the amaranth, the quinoa, among the fruit watermelon, pears and avocado and then again and especially the coconut). Those who sweat a lot, suffer from constipation, anxiety or headaches should take advantage of this especially.

Of course, cucumber actually boasts many other beneficial properties , rich as it is in nutrients and minerals. It is anti-inflammatory - it helps to "cool" the inflammatory response of the body and this also affects the health of our brain. Contains lignans useful in the prevention of some types of cancer, in particular of the male and female genital systems; multiple B vitamins important in stress management and potassium good for the heart. It also has antioxidant properties , counteracts cholesterol and halitosis and thanks to the fibers it supports the health of our digestive system, slowing down the digestive process, which makes us feel full for longer.

Speaking of “digestive", however, the truth is that many of us do not digest cucumber . It's not just a question of the peel - which is often waxed anyway, so in non-organic cucumbers (where the wax is not made of organic matter but of petroleum derivatives) it is still better to remove it. And then, what to do? There is an empirical method that normally works. Here it is. Cut the two ends of the cucumber - still wrapped in its peel. Take the cucumber "bottom" corresponding to one end and rub it against the cut part with a rotating motion until, after about a minute, the cucumber purges a sort of whitish and slightly frothy and gelatinous liquid. Repeat the operation on the other side, then rinse it and remove the peel if necessary. Another practice that can be useful: give it water by cutting it into slices and salting it (inclined washers) as is used to remove the bitterness from aubergines.

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