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Why you don't lose weight on a vegan diet

Why you don't lose weight on a vegan diet

A healthy diet based on vegetables and fiber does not always help with weight loss. Here are 5 mistakes of those who switch to a vegan diet and cannot lose weight

The vegan diet is not strictly related to a lean physique, but the healthy ingredients used in daily menus certainly help you stay in shape.
If you have chosen this type of diet, for personal reasons, but also to be able to lose weight, know that according to science you have still made the right choice: a scientific study by the University of Oxford has shown how those who follow a vegan lifestyle have a lower body mass index than those who routinely eat animal proteins.

Of course, declaring yourself a vegan is not enough: if you are part of that group of people who, despite following a vegan diet, cannot lose weight, you probably run into one of these 5 very common mistakes.

Are the portions too large? Vegetables, fruits, seeds, are the basis of the vegan diet. Often, however, there is a tendency to exaggerate with the quantities of these foods which, although healthy, then have their own calorie count. So be careful, in following the nutritional advice, to check that they are suitable for your body size, age, sex, type of physical activity.

Are you getting enough protein? Lean mass, made up of muscles, must be nourished with the right amount of protein in our diet. The vegan diet also provides them, but care must be taken to include enough of them on a daily basis. For example, alternate every day with beans, lentils, chickpeas and other legumes naturally rich in protein and vary by adding tofu, seitan and soy preparations to the diet.

Do you respect meal times? The advice is valid for all diets, vegan included. The main meal should never be in the evening, especially if you relax and go to sleep immediately afterwards.

Do you eat junk food? Yes, even in the vegan diet there is the possibility of eating unhealthy foods. For example, highly processed industrial foods, such as bag fries, packaged sweets for vegans, ice cream with coconut milk, snacks with added refined sugars. In this case, the best advice, if you are craving for dessert, is to opt for fresh snacks with seasonal fruit or a square of dark chocolate.

Do you consume too many calories with drinks? For those who choose a vegan lifestyle, the drinks available are many and all tasty. Coconut water, almond milk, fresh fruit juices, kombucha…. Perfect for detoxifying the body, of course, but always remember that they have a caloric content. If we are trying to lose weight, therefore, we prefer a nice glass of fresh water.

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