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White bean

The white beans of Spain have large and flattened seeds and a delicate pulp with a pleasant aftertaste of chestnut: the white beans of Spain are one of the most prized varieties of beans, with a high content of fiber, vegetable proteins and precious mineral salts, properties that they keep even after being dried. Those found on the market are imported from South America, China and Poland. In Italy they are grown in Piedmont.

How to treat and store white beans

If you use dry white beans, soak them in cold water for 12-13 hours. After soaking, rinse them under running cold water and cook them for at least 1 hour and a half over low heat. Once the package has been opened, it is advisable to keep them in the refrigerator to avoid fermentation. One of the most prized varieties of white beans are the “Corona gigante”, which are part of the same family as the whites of Spain and are imported from Poland.

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