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Borlotto bean

Borlotto is a typically Italian variety of bean , widespread especially in the Northern regions, characterized by mottled pods and white or cream colored grains, also with well-marked red streaks. Depending on the variety, the pod contains from 5 to 8 grains. This September is the right time to buy them, because they have a very short seasonality, while the dried ones are available for the rest of the year.

The intense taste of borlotti beans does not require too many aromatic additions and is ideal for flavoring soups or preparing soups and purées . The product on the market is all of national origin: the crops are mainly concentrated in Emilia Romagna, followed by Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto, the historic home of this legume.

In the Belluno area, the Fagiolo di Lamon , Igp since 1993, has been grown in four varieties: Spagnolet (the most sought after), Spagnol (with a thin and tender skin), Calonega (suitable for soups) and Canalino (with a more consistent skin). Another national excellence is the Fagiolo di Cuneo , Igp since 2011, grown in different types, including the borlotto . At the time of purchase, bear in mind that the waste of the pods is about 60%; therefore, for a side dish for 4 people, 1 kg must be bought.

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