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Dried fig

Dried figs are especially enjoyed at Christmas time, even as a filling for traditional sweets. They are part of our national excellences: the white fig of Cilento and the figs of Cosenza have in fact obtained the Dop.

Both are obtained from figs of the Dottato variety, widespread throughout our South, the most suitable for drying. The fresh fruits have green skin and amber pulp, with a slightly aromatic sweet honey taste , not very juicy. After manual harvesting, the figs are subjected to natural drying (in the sun) or protected (in greenhouses).

At this point, they can be sent directly to consumption, or baked and packaged according to local traditions: "steccati" (ie staked in 2 wooden sticks) those of Cilento, in corollas, braids, "balloons" (wrapped in fig) those of Cosentino. There are also more elaborate versions: dried figs are stuffed with almonds, walnut kernels or citrus peel and reassembled to form the typical "crocette" (in Calabria) or covered with chocolate (in Cilento).

The manual production process raises costs and favors competition from figs mainly from Greece and Turkey. The origin of the dried figs is indicated on the label. They are easily found on the market, even on the internet.

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