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Black fig

Black figs are more captivating for their purplish skin and red pulp , but above all more resistant to manipulation and easier to store (in the refrigerator, up to 2 days). The harvest is gradual because it must be done at the right time (the ripening of the figs stops after harvesting) and, depending on the areas and climatic conditions, continues until the end of October and even beyond.

It is an operation that must only be done manually and, especially for fresh consumption, with some attention, because black figs are very delicate. Furthermore, they cannot be stored and are quite perishable (a few days after removal); for this reason their price is quite high.

In Italy we can count on many varieties of black fig , including the Brogiotto (late, with an aromatic and not very watery intense red pulp) and the Turca (with larger supplies, with black and thin skin, with red pulp).

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