Green fig

Those that have been found since September are the "real" figs , so called to distinguish them from the "fioroni", which ripen in June and are not fruits, but inflorescences. The "real" figs destined for fresh consumption are instead harvested from July to September (depending on the area and climatic conditions) and represent the best production because they are more sugary and less watery than fioroni.

Figs are easily perishable and delicate fruits , which must be harvested by hand; for this reason, national production has dropped significantly in favor of more profitable crops and cheaper figs are widespread on the market, arriving from abroad, particularly from Turkey. However, in Italy we can count on excellent traditional local varieties (Dottato, Dell'Abate, Della Monaca, all with green skin and excellent for fresh consumption), grown in particularly suitable areas: in Campania, Calabria and Puglia, a region where the Petrelli variety is still cultivated, very precocious (ripens already in July), with fruits with yellow-green skin and fleshy and consistent pulp .

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