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Flavored waters

Fruits, spices, herbs and vegetables, to season the water and make it a detox drink that stimulates the body and helps maintain a splendid summer shape.

Seasoned water, of taste and well-being. Fruits, herbs, vegetables, nutrients, flavors and colors that fill the glass and the body with healthy and purifying principles. We will not say it, the usual thing about drinking water ... also because, in the end, the "how much" is perhaps not the same for everyone. Here we deal with the "how".

We have seen the autumn detox , the pre-spring purifying drink recipes, now let's continue with some summer suggestions of flavored water that washes away the excess toxins in our body and helps us keep fit. The flavored water is so popular that in the summer they sell the sachets to prepare it at the supermarket: do not be tempted, it is very easy to prepare at home and with fresh ingredients it is really healthy.

These are basically infusions , but normally prepared from cold water and then consumed comfortably at room temperature. The ingredients must be left in the jug of water for at least 4 or 5 hours, up to 24: the ideal is to prepare them the night before , leave them to rest all night and then drink them several times during the day. Fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs will thus have all the time necessary to release and infuse all the precious water-soluble nutrients into the water, such as mineral salts, vitamins, antioxidants.

Let's start with a single ingredient water : bay leaf water . First of all, we need the dry bay leaf, not the fresh one. Just boil three or four sheets for a liter of water, and then leave it to rest. It is a plant with various and solid medical properties: here we are interested in its help to the intestine and its anti-swelling action. Last but not least: it has a surprisingly pleasant taste! And among other aromatic plants, to be used alone or in company, mint must not be forgotten for purification.

Let's move on to fruit. Oranges & apples make a great duo, but not in season. Better to turn to watermelon - friend of the kidneys - to be combined perhaps with the aforementioned mint. Or switch to peaches and kiwis. Even berries such as blackberries and raspberries are very effective ingredients to season our water. Try it in tandem with pineapple and, as fresh herbs, sage.

Moving on to vegetables, the very famous cucumbers - which are well flavored in turn with ginger - are a priority. The companion par excellence of ginger is lemon . The three ingredients together are perfect. Lemon already alone with water (in this case warmer, perhaps) is a great metabolism activator. Ginger - and possibly mint, and then cucumber again - enhance its effects, really helping the body to purify and lose weight .

Yes, because the detox waters ultimately help in just that: shedding the extra pounds. In fact, these drinks taste good but low in calories, contain essential nutrients to regulate the various functions of the body, stimulate the body but at the same time help control hunger.

Here are some extra combinations between the ingredients mentioned, and a few more: raspberries & lemon (beautiful to look at, and flat stomach to enjoy!) - pomegranate, strawberries & mint - lemon, lime, grapefruit and cucumber (slimming!) - mango & ginger (to stimulate the metabolism ) - strawberries, mint & lemon - blueberry & lavada (a consoling blue-purple!) - lime & aloe - peach & mint… and you could go on and on, but now it's time to sip!

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