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Food fads: what are the autumn trends?

Food fads: what are the autumn trends?

Proteins, healthy foods, gourmet dishes, but also foods with a clean label, those that combine organic with the typical and "free" foods (lactose, gluten and so on). Here are the food trends that await us in the autumn months

Autumn is the time of… chestnuts, persimmons, pumpkins and more: in addition to the classic seasonal products and delicious traditional recipes, each new season brings with it fashions and trends. Those for autumn 2016 are many and different, and an Italian research carried out by Assolatte has tried to tell the most recurrent in the world. There are eight culinary trends of the first cold days, and they range from the increasingly marked attention to healthiness to the personalized experiments of great chefs.

Clean label . Literally, clean label. That is, the products purchased will be more and more natural and genuine. This is not enough to make them “clean": to shape themselves with this name, even the label and path of each food must be as transparent as possible. With clear indications of origin, type of cultivation, possible processing. So this fall, we will eat "clean".

Proteins . Crucial to our diet, proteins continue to experience their golden age in food trends. Also helped by the many diets that elect them to queens of the menu. This autumn, nothing will change, indeed: products enriched with proteins are increasing on the market, including dairy products, which by 2020 will grow dramatically. A suggestion for the choice? Buy Italian products, meats, fish, cheeses made in Italy.

Healthcare . How many times have you read articles listing the properties of foods as a function of well-being? This season will not be outdone. Each recipe and each product will be looked at above all for its beneficial characteristics on the body. Eating healthy is now an omnipresent imperative in opposition to transgressions and junk food.

Gourmet . Eat well, and refined. The fashion of experimentation, the experience of a meal cooked by a great chef are among the desires of the season. We increasingly want to let ourselves be enveloped by an experience that is all-encompassing, that captures the palate, sight, smell.

"Without" . Thanks to the increasingly frequent intolerances and allergies, even this season the “without" products will have a lot of demand. Gluten free, caffeine free, lactose free, but be careful not to abuse them: if there is no real danger to health, it is better to continue choosing traditional products.

Bio (but also typical) . A little in the wake of "clean label" products, autumn will also be a period in which we will opt for organic products of clear origin. Organic goes hand in hand with the choice of typical and local products: perhaps to be purchased on a farm trip. The menus for October and November will therefore be healthy and traditional. Curiously, millennials in particular will dominate this trend.

Convenience . A trend that differs from the past: consumers who for a long time have searched for cost-effective proposals, often glossing over quality, now translate “convenience" into a mix of comfort, practicality, good service and above all controlled label. Once again, a choice of well-being.

Personalization . More and more curious and experimenters, at the same time attentive to the line and quality, we let ourselves be carried away by the food proposals that amaze us. And on the market, products that recall other cultures and distant cuisines arrive for us, personalized by the touch of a chef who makes them unique.

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