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Grana Padano

Grana Padano is the most consumed PDO in the world. Its recipe originates from granular cheeses prepared by Lombard Benedictine monks in the 11th century.

Both the production area, from Piedmont to Veneto to Trentino and Emilia Romagna, and the cylindrical shapes of 35-45 cm in diameter, weighing no less than 24 kg, remain unchanged. Grana Padano is made from partially skimmed raw cow's milk and has a finely grainy texture.

It is available in 3 ages: 9-16 months, sweet and delicate, perfect for carpaccio and raw vegetables, sauces and gratins. Over 16 months, tastier, excellent for grating or for fillings, pizzas and omelettes. Finally, the "reserve", over 20 months, to be grated or tasted at the end of a meal.

The whole production process is guaranteed by the Consortium, which affixes the fire brand on the forms and, on the packaging, the yellow lozenges with the seasoning. Grana Padano should be stored in the least cold part of the fridge wrapped in a cotton cloth or in cling film.

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