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The grape is the fruit of the vine, a climbing plant of the Vitaceae family. It comes together in clusters formed by the "stalk" and numerous berries. It can be white or black and of different varieties intended for consumption as a real fruit or for winemaking. There are also types of grapes that contain both characteristics and others destined for drying.

Among the best-known varieties, we will mention the "Italia", white, with large, firm berries and a moderately sweet taste; the "Regina" (Queen), white and very sweet; the «Cardinal» with large black berries. There are also newer, seedless varieties such as 'Ruby' and 'Thompson', both of which are imported in Italy. Another type of grape, quite common, is the "Concord", otherwise known as the American grape, from which a robust but sweet wine is obtained.

The grapes destined for drying (by exposure to the sun or by artificial means) come from the varieties of Corinth (without seeds), Smyrna, and Malaga. Then there are the famous sultanas with very small, golden seeds.

Table grapes can be found on the market in the months from July to December: currently, however, thanks to imports, it is possible to find them almost all year round.

It is also widely used for sweet preparations but is often also combined with savory dishes, especially games.

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