The textile entrepreneur Arnaldo Caprai gave shape to the dream of producing wines in 1971 by acquiring the Val di Maggio estate. Caprai passionately believed in the territory and in its most precious jewel, the Sagrantino. History has proved him right, with a qualitative growth that has brought the company - since 1988 under the guidance of his son Marco - to world wine attention, becoming a driving force for the entire region. The special selection, called "25 Years", was born with the 1993 harvest, to celebrate, in 1996, the first quarter century of the company. Its deep and compact ruby red color opens to an aromatic range of great personality, with ethereal and complex hints of undergrowth, dark tobacco, roasting aromas, aromas of fruit in jam and in alcohol, fine spice of mace and sweet oak veins .

Are you planning a Halloween party? These pumpkin fritters are perfect for your dinner: they are tasty, easy to make and can be served either as an appetizer or a side dish.

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