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Grouper is a sea fish, belonging to the Serranidae family, which is very widespread in the Mediterranean (it is the most coveted prey of underwater fishermen). It can reach one and a half meters in length and 60 kilos in weight. However, today, most specimens rarely exceed 10 kilos, while those between 6 and 9 kilos are quite common. The grouper has a robust body, with rather thick skin and three quills in correspondence with the operculum.

One of the best known and most appreciated varieties is the brown grouper, with white and tasty meat, suitable for any preparation (boiled, roasted, stewed and also in soups); it is caught mainly in spring and, if it is large, it is advisable to keep it for 1-2 days in the fridge before cooking it.

Then there is the white grouper, which has a slender body and a hazel-gray color tending to white; it is easily recognizable by its white lines between the eye and the operculum. It is cooked just like the brown one.

Finally, the golden grouper has a characteristic yellow spot on the sides which quickly disappears after the fish has been caught; this variety has a more elongated and slender shape than the others.

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