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Yellow kiwi

The yellow kiwi is the new entry in the kiwifruit panorama: until many years ago the market offered only those with green flesh (especially the Hayward cultivar), the most widespread. These were joined by yellow kiwis : in addition to having a more appealing pulp color, they are less acidic (-20%) and more sugary, with a delicate and aromatic taste reminiscent of exotic fruit (mango, banana).

Features that made them appreciate and that led researchers to create new varieties of Actinidia, the kiwi plant. Forerunner among those cultivated in Italy was the Hort 16A, with fruits recognizable by the “beak”, that is the pronounced tip on one end; this was followed by the Jintao and the Soreli.

In Italy, the world's leading producer of kiwifruit after China, yellow kiwifruit crops are concentrated in Agro Pontino (Lazio) and Emilia Romagna, while in counter-season (from May to October) the fruits come mainly from New Zealand ( the third world producer) and Chile.

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