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Macadamia nuts

The fruits of the Australian plants of the Macadamia genus are little calorie bombs that add good fat and pure and sophisticated flavor to our diet.

Other than energy drink! The balls that contain Macadamia nuts are real little energy bombs. In fact, on an energetic level, they are like butter. But don't be scared. Macadamia nuts embody all the life-saving benefits that nuts, peanuts & c - the nuts that really should be part of our daily diet. And from the Australian land from which they come they make themselves known with their characteristics of particular delicacy.

The impressive 76% of lipids of which they are composed are in fact overwhelmingly monounsaturated fatty acids, the ones we need so much, to stay healthy and also fight the harmful effects of saturated fats, on average in excess in our diet. They are a bit like fatty fish, which makes us leaner, or extra virgin olive oil, which helps us annihilate the damage of fried food we couldn't resist!

We will say more: macadamia nuts boast the highest concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids among all seeds - as they are seeds - known to date. Of course, the amount of Macadamia consumed must be kept in mind: the calories are there - the beauty of about 730 per 100 gr.

The taste? Well sophisticated, more delicate than that of walnuts, less characterized than that of almonds, some compare it to the taste of coconut when its flesh is still quite fresh.

How are they used? Raw, first of all, as a snack, added to muesli rather than ice cream - try the affogato al caffè with Macadamia on top! They are also perfect for making rich vegetable milk or the typical vegan cheese.

They are also good in baked goods: cakes, and biscuits. Sweet, but also savory - small delicacies perfect for an aperitif. And then they are excellent in bread - perhaps prepared with ancient grains.

Some species of Macadamia are widely used, especially lately, also in the production of cosmetics: the oil obtained from them - and which has a natural long duration - has many nourishing and moisturizing properties.

Finally a warning: Macadamia nuts are dangerous for dogs and cats! You have to be really careful, as these animals can get sick to the point of not standing on their paws for a whole day.

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