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Medlar is the fruit of an evergreen plant, the Japanese medlar, with an intense yellow pulp, slightly ovoid shape and sizes ranging from 3 to 6 cm in diameter. Inside the fruit there are many seeds, covered with a brown film.

Medlar has a very short season, riping in late spring and early summer. Loquats have dark, sweet and sour and fragrant pulp. They are on the market since April, a very popular feature, because in spring the choice of fruit is still limited.

In Italy they are grown in Sicily, where the medlars from Trabia (in the Palermo area) and from Calatabiano (CT) are renowned. But the fruits on the market come from Spain, a leading country with intensive cultivation concentrated in the Valencia area. The Spanish medlars are harvested in October, they then ripe in dark cells and at a controlled temperature, to facilitate processing.

In fact, they are very delicate and easily dent during handling and transport. Medlars should be eaten when ripe (deep-colored skin with small dark spots), otherwise they are sour due to the tannins present in the pulp. After purchase medlars can be stored at room temperature.

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