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Bead eggplant

It weighs an average of 35 g and is only 10-15 cm long: the Perlina baby eggplant is not the result of genetic manipulation, but of a series of natural crosses. The mignon size is not the only characteristic of Perlina aubergines: it has a thin skin that must not be removed and pulp with no or few seeds (and therefore the yield is greater because the waste is limited to the stalk).

As for the taste, it tends to be sweet , without the typical bitter taste of traditional aubergines, so you don't need to put it in salt before you can use it. The perlina eggplant can be cooked whole and fried is a delight, because the compact and not very watery pulp absorbs little oil. Like the dimensions, the cooking times of this aubergine are also reduced: grilled it is ready in 5 minutes, in the oven it takes 10-15.

Although it is widespread above all in the northern regions, the perlina aubergine is actually native to Sicily, in the Ragusa area, where it is grown in a protected environment (greenhouse) to avoid the use of pesticides. It is harvested all year round, except August.

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