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Violet eggplant

Characterized by large rounded fruits (even over 500 g), the Violetta di Firenze aubergine , also known as Tonda , is appreciated for its compact pulp, with few seeds and a delicate taste. Since the 1990s, hybrids have been selected and distributed on the market that refer to Violet and improve its characteristics: reduced number or total absence of seeds, pulp that after cutting does not brown (or does not darken a little) and flavor without notes bitter typical of other varieties.

For this, the traditional preliminary treatment with salt is not necessary to eliminate the bitterness and they are suitable for faster cooking. Furthermore, the consistency of the compact and fine pulp means that these aubergines do not absorb too much oil during cooking and therefore are ideal for a light and healthy cuisine (aubergine is among the top 10 vegetables with antioxidant properties). The Sabelle (with bright purple skin and dense pulp) and Birgah (purple fruit, suitable for winter greenhouse production) belong to the group of violet aubergines . The violets on the market are of national production, grown mainly in Sicily and Campania.

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