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Mollusk is a term that indicates an animal, of water or land, with a soft body, either with or without shell. There are three species: the bivalve mollusks, that is, with double shells, the gastropods, with a single shell and, finally, the cephalopods that have legs attached to the head.

The first category includes mussels, clams, sea truffles, cockles, oysters, etc., the second group comprises sea and land snails, while the third cuttlefish, octopus, squid and musky octopus.

The bivalves must arrive on the market in conditions of absolute freshness, enclosed in sealed nets, with a tag indicating their origin, name and expiry date.

Gastropods should be bought alive, to be sure usually just touch the mollusk is stung with a toothpick in order to check if it reacts immediately.

Even the cephalopods must be very fresh, but they are not spoiled by two days of "maturation", which only softens their meat (especially those of the octopus).

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