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Mullet is a saltwater fish belonging to the Mugilid family. It lives mainly along the coasts but can also be found in some salt lakes where it feeds on algae found in the mud; this explains why its meat does not always have a pleasant taste, somewhat reminiscent of that of carp.

There are many varieties: the golden mullet, the calamita mullet and the volpina, from the latter bottarga eggs are obtained. Its body is tapered and has large scales as well as dorsal fins with large spiny rays. The dimensions range from 15 cm of the young animal to 40 cm of the adult one.

Mullet is available on the market all year round, but it is morE abundant during spring and summer. When buying it, make sure that the body is rigid and the tail erect and firm. Moreover, the belly should have bright shades, while the back should be dark and the scales well adherent to the skin. The scales protect the fish from rapid degradation, in fact it can be kept (provided it is gutted) even for two or three days in the fridge wrapped in food paper.

The mullet has light, firm, flavorful and quite good flesh. It is excellent cooked in the oven, grilled, and even boiled; it often enters as an ingredient in fish soups.

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