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Oats, a supercereal

Oats, a supercereal
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Nourishing and strengthening; rejuvenates the skin; helps keep cholesterol under control ... oats are a cereal with a thousand virtues

Not just porridge or fodder for horses. Today, oats are considered a super cereal that is great for your health , not just a feed for animals or the main ingredient in Anglo-Saxon porridge. It is nourishing and strengthening; rejuvenates the skin ; helps keep cholesterol under control and keep the intestines functioning well; protects the immune system; it is indicated for diabetics and tolerated by 99% of celiacs.

Protective fibers
Why are oats so healthy? Thanks above all to the fibers and proteins of which it is particularly abundant. "Compared to other cereals, it is richer in soluble fiber (beta-glucans), which improve the health of our intestinal microbiota (bacterial flora)" says Dr. Sonia Bolognesi, nutrition biologist. As? “In the first place they regulate blood sugar (no glycemic peaks after lunch with subsequent drops), slowing down the breakdown of carbohydrates by the enzyme amylase and decreasing the absorption of glucose. An important action not only for diabetics, to whom oats are recommended, but for anyone who wants to keep fit ".

Cholesterol under control
But there is more. “Beta-glucans also help to keep cholesterol under control by slowing down the action of an enzyme that synthesizes it in the liver," explains Bolognesi. “Finally, fiber, by protecting the health of the microbiota, also safeguards our immune system . In particular, it helps prevent chronic degenerative diseases, especially intestinal ones "adds the expert.

Nourishment from proteins
Oats are also one of the richest cereals (10-16%), very nutritious and energizing. Perfect for athletes , convalescents and breastfeeding women but also for energizing in the morning at breakfast. On the other hand, its protein content is characterized by minimal percentages of gluten: this is why oats are tolerated by almost all celiacs.

Younger skin
Finally, the anti-aging action, which improves skin health: it is no coincidence that oats often appear among the components of cosmetic products. “The merit is of vitaminE , antioxidant and anti- aging, and of some substances (avenatramides A, B, C) which reduce redness and have soothing properties" adds Bolognesi. "The skin is more elastic and resistant to stretch marks , an aspect not to be underestimated for pregnant women or during slimming diets".

To be re-evaluated in the kitchen
It is therefore worthwhile to rediscover oats and to consume them more often, as they do in Northern Europe, Russia and Poland. In the kitchen, surprisingly, it is more versatile than you think: good in flakes as everyone knows it, but also in grains and flour ; in sweet recipes (it has a slightly sweet taste) and in savory dishes.

Even salty flakes
Flakes are excellent with milk, yogurt, juices, and are the basic ingredient of muesli, enriched with dried and dried fruit, chocolate flakes, honey and more. Toasted they are delicious for cookies, bars or rustic cakes; or in a savory version: in soups, croquettes and vegetable burgers.

Grains that goodness
The grains, whole or partially peeled (they retain a small part of the bran), are all to be discovered. Rinsed and soaked in water for 1-2 hours (read on the package), they are boiled like those of other cereals (about 50 minutes) and enriched as desired with vegetables , legumes (especially chickpeas) and flavorings: stir-fried or in salads they are equally good. Also try in vegetable soups , soups (cooked for a long time they become very creamy) and meatballs.

Very little gluten in the flour
The flour, which contains only minimal percentages of gluten, does not have sufficient strength to rise and must therefore be mixed with other flours , such as whole wheat, spelled or rice. With the mix, many baked goods are prepared, such as bread, pizza, wraps and crepes, biscuits and cakes. Flour is also an excellent thickener for creams and velvets.

Delicious drink
Finally , oat milk , which more properly should be called a vegetable drink (the name milk is reserved for that of animal origin). It is ready or you can prepare it at home , blending the soaked oat flakes and then filtering the mixture. It is suitable for vegans and lactose intolerant: at breakfast with coffee, tea or chocolate; in sweets and creams to replace cow's milk.

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