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Green olive

Green olives are on the market all year round, but it is now that they are harvested. The green olives from tavo la, in fact, are harvested unripe, between September and October, unlike the black ones, which are picked ripe in winter. After harvesting (which for the finest varieties takes place by hand and directly from the plant, the so-called “brucatura”) and the selection by size, the green olives are immersed in a solution to remove part of their bitter taste.

Then, they are subjected to careful washing, put to ferment in a brine and, finally, packaged and pasteurized.Among the many cultivars present in Italy, one of the best known varieties of green olives is the Bella di Cerignola , large and pulpy, grown in Puglia, which has obtained the DOP with the denomination "Bella della Daunia". Among our PDO excellences there are also the Ascolana del Piceno , grown in the Marche and Abruzzo, marketed in brine or stuffed; the Nocellara del Belice , large and with consistent pulp, ideal for preservation in brine.

On the market there are also olives from Spain (the Grossa di Spagna can be confused with the Bella di Cerignola), the country with the highest production of table olives, followed by Italy and Greece.

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