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Braised veal

The ossobuco is obtained from the shank , a cut that corresponds to the last muscle of the bovine leg before the foot. It can be both anterior , very rich in connective tissue, and posterior , more precious because it is more tender, round in shape and with more pith.

The ossobuco in fact, as the name implies, also includes a central bone with its marrow which, melting during cooking, gives flavor to the dish. It is in fact a fatty substance, not to be confused with the spinal cord, for a long time forbidden due to the mad cow epidemic. The best and most popular marrowbones are veal and beef, but you can also find turkey, much less tasty.

The most famous recipe is the Milanese one, which in the traditional version with saffron risotto has obtained the De. Co. (Municipal Name). The ossibuchi are also prepared stewed with peas or mushrooms , often accompanied by polenta.

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