Stretched bacon

Among the many types of pancetta , the tesa is the most common because it has many uses in the kitchen: it gives flavor to sautéed and beaten dishes, wraps roasts to soften them, enriches vegetables and even fish. As the name suggests, the stretched pancetta is obtained from the ventral part of the pig , which is squared and trimmed, leaving the rind, and then subjected to salting.

Spices are often added (black pepper, cloves, juniper berries, or chilli, according to the "recipe" of each producer or region). A resting phase and a short period of maturation in a cool environment then follow.

The stretched pancetta with rind, after being sprinkled with spices and aromas, can also be smoked , to obtain what in Anglo-Saxon countries is called bacon. For the best products, this phase lasts a few days with a process that uses aromatic woods and low temperatures. When cut, the pancetta slices are soft, with the typical red and white striped color and the unmistakable scent.

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